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Waltari, Rene Ertomaa and Thomas Freundlich opens Savoy-theaters fall with Symposion production

Waltari, Rene Ertomaa and Thomas Freundlich opens Savoy-theaters fall with Symposion production.
Finnish artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela is celebrated 2015 to mark 150th year of his birth. Symposion production is based on his art and persona.
Different fields of art and music is mixed together on Symposion. Rock and classical music with modern dance and visualisation gives audience glimpse to Gallen-Kallelas life and work.
Choreography for five dancers is done by Thomas Freundlich and music is composed by Kärtsy Hatakka and Rene Ertomaa. The music is performed live by Waltari and classical string quartet Maestria
Akseli Gallen-Kallela was master of crossover art on his time. His art is as much influenced by Finnish mythology as it is by his cosmopolitan lifestyle.
Symposion will be seen in Savoy theater at Helsinki, september 10th and 11th. Tickets can be bought through:
Futher information can be found at