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Waltari believe in musical rebellion, blending genres and creating new and refreshing music, all of which can be heard across the band’s catalogue. Waltari are living proof that a rock band can be inspired indefinitely and not stagnate at the same time. The band always showcases a fresh, diverse take on modern metal. Vocalist and mastermind Kärtsy Hatakka sums up the philosophy of Waltari: “Rock is an attitude; an unquenched thirst to remain playful with life, ’til the very end! It’s the world Waltari was born into. I still find it cool to put on my make-up and be an outcast. Our goal is to create music that will blow the minds of our listeners”.

Waltari consider Europe as their homeland and continuously actively tour, yet also reach beyond. Waltari albums have been released worldwide. The band had charted in Finnish top 10 multiple times and played in some of the largest (rock + metal) festivals of Europe, like Roskilde or at Wacken Open Air. Waltari have accomplished many crossover experiments with different performance arts, for example “Evankeliumi” – composed for a dance choreography by famous dancer Jorma Uotinen, and performed in the Finnish National Opera. Or “Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die!” – a (death) metal and classical music fusion, performed with legendary Avanti! Orchestra in Helsinki… Also, “Symposion” in 2015 was based on the art of famous Finnish artist Gallen-Kallela.There’s always plenty to talk about Waltari – but for now: Let the music do the talking. What’s most important: The crazy Finns are here for everyone’s joy.


Kärtsy Hatakka | vocals, bass
Kimmo Korhonen | guitar, backing
Sami Yli-Sirniö | guitar
Jani Hölli | keyboards, programming
Jariot Lehtinen| guitar
Ville Vehviläinen| drums




Management (global)

Urs Middelhauve / umi music

Booking (worldwide)


Booking (Finland)

Elina Viljamaa/Dexviihde