Waltari – known as THE crazy metal rockers from Finland, playing ultimate crossover rock music.

Many bands, home and abroad, have cited Waltari as an influence. Waltari have continuously made unique and distinctive music, they never cared about any obstacles and conquered Europe in the 90’s already. Being a pioneer of Fin rock and metal export, Waltari paved the way for bands like Nightwish or Children of Bodom, breaking down the musical borders of Finland. Also, a lot of famous Finnish metal musicians started their international career in Waltari, such as Kreator’s Sami Yli-Sirniö/Kreator or Roope Latvala, who moved on to above mentioned Children Of Bodom, or Janne Parviainen of later Ensiferum.

By mixing different aspects of traditional rock music, Waltari thoroughly have crafted new musical combinations and therefore have found a place in the hearts of many many music lovers across the globe.

The records of Waltari, a band who had been listed among the favourite one for musicians of the likes of Rammstein or X Japan, are sold all over Europe, America, Japan and Russia. The band has achieved lots of top 10 hits in the Finnish charts and went Top 20 in Japan. The band also accomplished many chart entries in Western Europe, for example in Germany or the Netherlands.

Some notable high points of Waltari’s career include: playing many of the biggest festivals in Europe (e.g. Roskilde and Wacken Open Air), down to more obscure artistic ventures back home in Finland, like a musical production of “Evankeliumi” for the Finnish National Opera or “Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die!”, a performance with the Symphony Orchestra Avanti. Not to mention “Symposium”, a piece based on the works of Finnish national painter, Gallen-Kallela. 

The band is on the go, ever since. The more recent studio album, “You Are Waltari”, still rotates in many people’s playlist, while there is more to come! The band recorded a new album in Los Angeles (USA) and its very hometown of Helsinki, Finland , called “Global Rock”. Spring of 2020 will see the crazy Finns setting sail acrossa the Globe, rocking a stage near you soon!

Line up

Kärtsy Hatakka – Vocals, Bass and Keyboards
Kimmo Korhonen-  Guitar
Antti Kolehmainen – Guitar
Ville Vehviläinen – Drums
Jani Hölli –  Keyboards