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We’ve got sth new cooking. Kärtsy thinks, that “Postrock is an anthem for the so called post rock generation, who didn’t get to know the original, the good old rock times, when people were living in optimism towards the future and life in general. The song is a tribute to this “zero generation”, waking up in this difficult period of time, with huge environmental problems etc., longing for something better, deserving something better!!!”. Do you agree?

Musically the song stands for a ”typical Waltari song”, a speedy rhythm with a metal riff with a melodic hookline and a separate rap part. Yeah, we feel good about the song and what’s more to come… The ultimate crossover monster is back again!!!

DOG EAT DOG All Boro Kings 25 Year Anniversary European Tour 2019 – Support Announcement

Dear Fans and Friends!
Good news!!Waltari is happy to announce, that though the release date of the coming album has not yet even been officially announced, the band already decided to continue their touring adventures like this! Hola Europe, Waltari is coming again!

Special Guests: WALTARI, SLIMBOY (Sept. 20 – Oct 06), FIGHTS & FIRES (Oct. 08 – 13)

Presented by: Musix, Allschools

20.09.19 Germany Karlsruhe Substage

21.09.19 France Paris Gibus

22.09.19 France Nantes Ferrailleur

24.09.19 Spain Madrid Copernico

25.09.19 Spain Barcelona Razzmatazz 3

26.09.19 France Lyon Rock’n Eat

28.09.19 UK London Underworld

29.09.19 Germany Oberhausen Kulttempel

02.10.19 Germany Berlin Musik & Frieden

03.10.19 Poland Warsaw Progresja

04.10.19 Poland Bielsko Biała RudeBoy

05.10.19 Czech Republic Prague Meet Factory

06.10.19 Czech Republic Brno Fleda

09.10.19 Germany München Backstage

10.10.19 Switzerland Langenthal Old Capitol

11.10.19 Belgium Antwerp Trix

12.10.19 Netherlands Heerlen Nieuwe Nor – SOLD OUT

13.10.19 Netherlands Heerlen Nieuwe Nor 

Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 1 henkilö

UK Tour 2019 with Mushroomhead and Familiar Spirit

New guitarist: Antti Kolehmainen

We have a good news and bad news… bad news first: our guitarist Nino, had to say goodbye to Waltari. He is very busy because of his daily work, so he decided to focus on it.

And good news: We proudly introduce a new member to Waltari’s line-up! As if now, Antti Kolehmainen will be joining us on guitar! Here is short introduction of him:

Antti Kolehmainen saw Waltari first time when he was 7 years old. Waltari played Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death metal symphony in deep C in Turku Concert Hall.
It was the scariest and the most horrifying moment of his childhood 😉

Antti started his music life with cello and got interested in guitar playing when he turned thirteen years old.
“I got so pissed off when everybody knew how to play guitar in my class. Except me!
Only way to fix this injustice was to buy a guitar (actually my dad bought it) and start practicing.”
Nowadays he is working as a freelancer musician/music teacher and studying music education in Sibelius Academy.
Antti wants to thank all his former music teachers from Puolala and Puolalanmäki music oriented schools and teachers of Turku Concervatory and Sibelius Academy.

Antti is also a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and football, especially Fc Barcelona and Fc Inter Turku.

Welcome Antti!

30th Anniversary single is out now.

30th Anniversary single is out now.
You can listen Waltari’s new single “The Way” on Spotify.
The Way has been recorded in Los Angeles on March 2016. It is produced by Narinder Singh and mixed by Mikko Karmila.

30th Anniversary Concert Celebration at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki (FI)

The internationally praised pioneers of Finnish metal, Waltari, are celebrating 30 years of rocking out by throwing a gig in Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki on the 21st of October 2016. In addition to Waltari, the stage will be shared with good friends of the band accumulated over the years.

Waltari, formed in Helsinki 1986, are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. A concert will be held to memorialise this milestone in Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, on the 21st October. The band has published 14 records over the years and at the concert they will play a wide selection of their versatile discography. The stage will be taken by Waltari members, old and new, and will be spiced up by friends of the band. These friends are, for example, the Swedish Backyards Babies and Hellacopters member Dregen, Angelit, who have worked together with Waltari a lot, Finnish opera singer Johanna Rusanen-Kartano, the guitarist of Stam1na- Antti Hyyrynen, Marko Annala of Mokoma, the guitarist of the 69 Eyes- Bazie and the folk metal band Korpiklaani’s Janne Järvelä.
Tickets to the event are available from Tiketti.

Buy tickets

The short history of Waltari:
Many bands, home and abroad, have cited Kärtsy Hatakka’s Waltari as an influence. Waltari have continuously made unique and distinctive music, they never cared about any obstacles, they paved the way to Europe, making it easier for metal bands like Nightwish and Children of Bodom to break down the musical borders of Finland.
The records of Waltari, a band who have been listed as a favourite of Rammstein, have been sold all over Europe, American, Japan and Russia. The band has achieved lots of top 10 hits in the Finnish charts. Some notable high points of Waltari’s career include: playing in some of the biggest festivals in Europe (e.g. Roskilde and Wacken 1994-2015), down to more obscure artistic ventures back home in Finland, like a musical production of Evankeliumi (1999/2000) for the Finnish National Opera, Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die!, a performance with Avant! (1995). And Symposium(2015), a piece based on the works of famous Finnish artist, Gallen-Kallela.
The band is still active, their latest album “You Are Waltari” was released at the beginning of 2015, and there is more to come! The band started recording their new album in Los Angeles at the beginning of this year.

Things said about Waltari:
“Great people, great musicians and a ticket to Backyard Babies to Finland”
-Dregen (Backyard Babies and Hellacopters)
“I was probably 18 when I heard a song called Misty Man and went completely crazy. For the first time in Finland someone mixed band stuff, coding and sampling. That’s the road I’m on still. Without Waltari I wouldn’t be doing the stuff I’m doing now.
-Samu Haber (Sunrise Avenue)
“I’ve been a massive fan of Waltari since I was 11-years old and got their first album. A brave band who make interesting and brilliant music.”
-Jarkko Nieminen (The most well known tennis player in Finland)
“In 1997 Waltari played a gig in Lappeenranta at the old Olutpanimo venue, and that’s where I experienced a proper club gig for the first time in my life. I’d been a fan of the band for a long time before, and at the gig Roope Latvala threw a plectrum for me, for two years I wore the damn thing around my neck! Waltari, 30 years, respect!”
-Antti Hyyrynen (Stam1na)
“I started to dig Waltari in high school when the Big Bang album came out. A multi-dimensional band with lots of dimensions.”
-Antti Anatomy (Negative)
Check the comments here: Comments

People who wish to read more about the band’s early years can find out more by reading Pauliina Tuomola’s book Waltari Suomimetallin Pioneerit (Waltari the Pioneers of Finnish Metal) published in 2011 by Like.

Waltari Kultsa

Substitute drummer

Waltari’s drummer, Ville Vehviläinen, is forced to stay at home during the band’s next European tour due to recovering from knee surgery. Eetu Pesu will be drumming in his place.




Check out tomorrow’s news (YLE Uutiset) on Finland’s TV channel one, at 6 o’clock!

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“You are Waltari” out in France

Amazon France

Bad Reputation

Waltari @ Full Metal Cruise III

Glad to announce that we will be playing Full Metal Cruise III on Saturday 29th August – 31st August!