New guitarist: Antti Kolehmainen

We have a good news and bad news… bad news first: our guitarist Nino, had to say goodbye to Waltari. He is very busy because of his daily work, so he decided to focus on it.

And good news: We proudly introduce a new member to Waltari’s line-up! As if now, Antti Kolehmainen will be joining us on guitar! Here is short introduction of him:

Antti Kolehmainen saw Waltari first time when he was 7 years old. Waltari played Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death metal symphony in deep C in Turku Concert Hall.
It was the scariest and the most horrifying moment of his childhood 😉

Antti started his music life with cello and got interested in guitar playing when he turned thirteen years old.
“I got so pissed off when everybody knew how to play guitar in my class. Except me!
Only way to fix this injustice was to buy a guitar (actually my dad bought it) and start practicing.”
Nowadays he is working as a freelancer musician/music teacher and studying music education in Sibelius Academy.
Antti wants to thank all his former music teachers from Puolala and Puolalanmäki music oriented schools and teachers of Turku Concervatory and Sibelius Academy.

Antti is also a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and football, especially Fc Barcelona and Fc Inter Turku.

Welcome Antti!

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